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What is the best poker hand you've folded? Why did you fold it ... Most of the answers here focus exclusively on the absolute strength of one's hand, meaning the ranking of the hand they folded. Preflop for ... Preflop Starting Hands: Folding Trap & Trouble ... - Exceptional Poker... Trap hands are to poker players, like cheese is to rats. Rather than risk your neck stack, trying for the reward of the cheese pot, it's best to just fold and wait for a ... Fold | Poker Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

The basic idea of poker is to play the strongest hands in early position, good hands in mid-position and a few more hands in the late (aka strongest) position. Over time, you'll naturally want to shake things up a bit. For now, stick with this and

2019-5-18 · The basic advice for starting poker players is to fold often. When you are still learning, it’s a good idea to play your poker hands according to the graph below. This will keep you safe most of the rounds, but it does mean you are folding a lot of your hands. Worst Starting Hands in Texas Hold'em - ThoughtCo A pair of aces is one of the best starting hands in Texas Hold'em, but do you know what the top worst starting hands might be?If you know which hands are "almost-always-fold 'em hands," meaning that you're going to likely fold when you have this hand, you can better evaluate what you're holding at the start of the game. Knowing how to spot these fold 'em hands are an important part of Poker Strategy and Folding - Knowing When to Fold Your …

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How to Play Before the Flop, Poker Starting Hands ... In the left column you see the possible starting hands. Each starting hand is abbreviated. AA, for example, stands for two aces, 99 for two nines. If your hand is not included in the chart, you should fold. Fold | Poker Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia Folding is often "the most powerful tool in your poker toolbox". One of the key elements to winning at poker is to limit your losses (thus making sure you lose less than you win), and you can only do that by folding losing hands before they cost you a lot of money. The trick, of course, is determining when you have a losing hand.